My Letter to Toptal

July 12th, 2015

Dear Toptal:

I am interested in working as Ruby developer for the Toptal web developers community precisely because I want to work with the best. Toptal appears to be a company created by software engineers for software engineers, and as such would hopefully value quality of work over the more malleable attributes valued in many more corporate companies. As someone devoted to producing high quality work, this appeals to me. Additionally, the job notice suggested that Toptal would allow me to work in pure Ruby, and I love to work in straight code, the more abstract the better.

As with any applicant to this position, I bring to bear a passion for programming, as well as an extensive practical knowledge of the Ruby programming language as well as the Rails framework. I am a recent graduate of the Ruby on Rails program at the Tampa/St.Petersburg campus of Iron Yard tech school where I wrote roughly 20 unique rails apps at various levels of complexity. Between my training at Iron Yard and previous experience as a computer hobbyist, I have also developed a working knowledge of common Internet technologies like HTML, CSS, SASS, AJAX, Jquery, MySql, Postgres, Github, and Heroku (along with OMG, LOL, and TL;DR). I am also comfortable writing Javascript code.

My real potential value to your company, however, lies precisely in the fact that my background is not in tech. In a former life I was a graduate student in Chinese History, with a Master’s degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University. As a result, I have extensive travel experience in East Asia, am fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and have tremendous experience as a writer and speaker. Additionally, I am a Florida native that grew up outside of the tech communities of California or the Northeast Coast. For your company this means that in addition to being an excellent developer, I have the ability to better communicate with customers than many other developers, and further that I will able to consistently approach problem solving in a different way than many who have spent their lives in tech. Between these two sets of skills, I believe that I would be an ideal choice to work for your company.

I am enthusiastic for the opportunity to work for your agency, and look forward to hearing from you. I also thank you for considering my application.


Michael Earl Nash


About utumno86

Aspiring Ruby Developer, Former Graduate Student in Chinese Language and History, Wrestling Fan
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